Final Post for now…

Doing all these posts have truly kept me motivated and in track of doing what I enjoy doing which is working with others making clips and videos to continue to learn because it’s something I plan on doing later on in life.

I found that having the Twitter widget to be effective due to the readers of my blog being kept updated on my day to day tweets so it can be more personal where they could interact with me if needed to. What I found the lest useful was the text widgets because i really didn’t keep up with it to have a new state up for every time I posted a blog for my audience. What I could improve upon is the way my whole set up of the bog by adding more colors to make it more personal I know you can do that if you paid for a membership through word press but having it to make it a much more experience for my audience would be better in my opinion rather than having a bland website. I feel like this could be as a starting point in the point from my career so it helps me grow mas a content creator, as a film maker.

My most popular week was during October 10th through the 17th with 76 visitors and with about 1.78 views per visit. Square One was my most popular post of the year with 92 views I think it was viewed so due to how personal it was in my perspective when it comes to filmmaking. To me what was so surprising that people actually reading my post I’m just honored getting 10 views because the fact that people take the time out of their day to view my weekly blog is rewarding in my perspective which makes me feel good about my progression as i continue this journal. I mostly use Twitter as my main social media and Snapchat same goes for Instagram.

Twitter: aestheticlance

Snapchat: alphaa18

Instagram: aestheticlance


I hope y’all have a great time as I progress I will continue blogging to keep track of my progress. Make everyday count. Appreciate life’s greatest moments. Live in the moment, make memories that will last a lifetime and continue to grow because life is short to be wasting time on useless thing. “Make it Count” – Boss 

*drops mic*

Author: mclancefilms

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