In the process of making these blogs as a somewhat weekly journal I feel. I can see how I’ve change in the process when it comes to adapting new projects whether they’re big or small. I’ve been wanting to make this a goals for myself to create a biography on myself to tell my story but that’s tough to do because camera angles and what not but I’m not letting that stop me. What I’m trying to get across through this is my perspective on just life and its many obstacles and journey that life brings.

The true challenge is to make your point through short film. Because I feel like that views, mentions don’t mean anything unless you’ve truly inspired someone with your work and help them paved a way into your thinking. I feel like the best way to connect to your audience is to truly know the ones you’re targeting. Being relatable is also another key component to having your views being praised by others. By this point I know the track to be on but I hate how I am when it comes to choosing scenes and places to films these help draw the audience’s attention. I am a very indecisive person but I’m getting better by going with the flow with no second thought because in that case I’ll actually be getting work done.


In doing so, I don’t plan on leaving these blogs for I can see my progress as I grow to become a creator of projects short or big. As this being a required task for my course in college it has honestly has been on of my favorite things to do to interact with people in my field who just love creating for others many view their work. Lastly, FDOM is the best class you’ll learn from its such a great course and I wish we can meet more often but I’m just glad it makes my Mondays so much better. If, I had any advice for anyone just want to make videos. I say no matter what equipment, if you have the desire to create content that you enjoy then make it no matter what the obstacle. Also to those that somewhat read my blog posts I really appreciate you for taking time out of your day to read about my progress as I continue with my works and what not as a student. 



Author: mclancefilms

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