We keep on rolling 

As I finished my first little trailer I found that not everything turned out as I wanted it to be. I had this version of a story I wanted to tell but with the limited time and date I had to work with what I had. But I enjoyed and appreciate all the cooperation from my friends to make it happen. 


What it taught me was that hearing people’s opinions about my work was whether good or bad was beneficial in my part to help me improve my work. Also, being my first project I do plan on work with more stuff obviously as I continue with my work I plan on push my limits when it comes to shots and editing. Lastly, have multiple perspectives in scenes to make it feel more alive compared to the usual one camera one shot scene and lighting is everything. 

In my next project I hope to tell a more personal story that tells about life and it’s ups and downs. In order to do that must dedicate my time to clearly express my vision about the short story. 

I feel like it’s important for me to keep continuing working no matter work of content I make as long as I keep learning and improving I will find a new purpose for creating short films as student. 

Author: mclancefilms

New Phone, Who This?

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