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I find that when it comes to telling a more personal story there’s no like the filmmaker Casey Neistat that tells it best. I enjoy his style of keep everything at such a fluent paced due to his editing nothing makes you question the pauses and or breaks in his videos.


With already starting my next project I hope to learn from what I know and put in some influence from his short films. It provides much more than beautiful visual from insane heights but an adventure the story is taken by the lens of the camera.

But why would anyone want to be interested in a film about me? What makes me stand out from the crowd. With all the sources of films, tv shows and youtube videos I know how many of these content creators think by showing why they chose shots and imputed. Also, while being in college is a great experience to show others across through my content. I want to express the daily obstacles I face and how many others can relate while enjoying life for it’s greatest moments.

So, through my film I want to take the audience on a journey where it takes the emotions on a roller coaster while teaching them about life to learn to keep striving and be in moments while appreciating the little things. How would I do it? By scripting the key scenes to show the audience on the adventures I take at the university I’m currently attending.

By the way I dressed up as Casey Neistat for Halloween this year and it was totally dope, but no one hardly recognized my costume so they just called my “You Tube”

taken by Lucero 🙂


Author: mclancefilms

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