There are many places I pay respect to when it comes to creating content. For instance, No Film School, Indie Wire but the one that captures my attention is Film Independent. I enjoy how much more it is than just an average Film blog there’s stories behind the industry, upcoming projects within the area, but they also host a film festival open for anyone. What else I enjoy is the layout the colors pop out of the website and it makes its intriguing to the audience to read for any of their articles.
When it comes to websites like this I enjoy how many Independent groups collaborate together to get the stories that help improve other genres, for example documentaries about sports. I would want my website to become more than just me talking about my experience I want to be more involved with the entire spectrum. Currently my blog has been a steady rate but I need to be on top of my schedule, because I’m just a basic procrastinator. 

At the end of the day I’ll always look around for inspiration to improve my content whether that may through feedback or suggestions, even other works people have created. I’ll never stop learning from others as they help me become a better creater but as I take my little steps every day eventually I’ll make my mark somewhere. 

Author: mclancefilms

New Phone, Who This?

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