As my first assignment in class requires a edited video I knew it would be a great opportunity to show off what skill I have as of now. The scenes I shot so far nothing came off as difficult but what I came a issue was with the angles because I didn’t want something just simple. I wanted the action to be engaging and to actually keep the audience’s attention so by the end of the trailer their going to want to know more about how the actual story unfolds in full length. I love the collaborating with others especially since I’m working with my friends I’m glad they’re willing to participate in it as well. I enjoy getting on set feedback when it comes to techniques because I’m just getting little tidbits to make a better approach to just a simple shot. From what I shot I enjoyed shooting the action the chase scene was probably giving me those most trouble because of the fast paced running and me wanting to have a stabilized frame. 

Once that night finished I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of footage I got so I had to shoot some more short clips of the town for the landscape for the story. We’re still in early stages of production and I’m enjoying the process as we go along. I feel like once we start wrapping things up before the deadline I won’t have to do much reshoots at all, but anything may happen and I wanna show the best possible trailer I can make at this point and then just gradually improve in time. 

The trailer is supposed to be about a TV show investors and a general audience would tune into. My partner and I are trying to make a crime thriller in which supiscious occurances happen that somehow have a tie in. As you can tell I’m much more of a visual person than a storyteller but I try to give my best through what I see in such situations. Hopefully the organizationI joined could help me with feedback and what not.   

Author: mclancefilms

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