The start of something BIG.

My name is Aidan Gonzalez and I’m currently attending Texas State University. I enjoy eating a Patty Melt with no onions, being with my crew  and watching my favorite movies with people who know how to be quiet during a movie.

Why? Throughout my life, I’ve always been inspired by other works of art whether that’d be drawings, sculptures, music and films. I still question my purpose to what I can accomplish, but for a fact I know I want my works of art to inspire others so they can achieve more in life I want to be the reason for someone’s doing in a good sense obviously.

I hope this will help me find and choose a path that I know I will make a difference in the form of media art.

I’m mostly targeting audiences that enjoy talking about movies whether it’s the latest hit, the next upcoming thriller or an instant classic but also to how its evolved throughout time and it’s impact on society.


In the future, I hope to be in a few projects that help me when it comes to filmmaking by uploading short clips on YouTube but this is just the start of something BIG.

Author: mclancefilms

New Phone, Who This?

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