Films have always been a big influence in my life they’ve taught me more than anyone ever could. Being born as a millennial I’ve witnessed changes on how films are advertised, the way effects look, film styles are delivered and how they are distributed to the public in the mix of all that there’s one thing that still remains and that the influences that film brings to the movie watcher.

Now, I have this somewhat developed mindset where I look for movies that fit any of my points that actually make them worth noting as a remarkable film. That goes from it’s script, characters, the acting, the timing, sounds and visuals. I enjoy a variety of movies I don’t like to repeat the same formats others have done that’s what makes them unique.

In today’s society there’s filmmaking everywhere when post on Snapchat, upload to YouTube and make short films for festivals they’re all forms or stories and art you’re trying to get across your audience. So as I learn more about the mass media I’ll be influenced more to engaged the audience for the content I will be creating.


Fun Fact: My favorite movie director is Christopher Nolan also my favorite filmmaker is Casey Neistat and I enjoy the heck outta movie theater popcorn with a nice ice-cold Coca-Cola. This is not an Ad for Coke by the way. My Snapchat is alphaa18 by the way.


Author: mclancefilms

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