Final Post for now…

Doing all these posts have truly kept me motivated and in track of doing what I enjoy doing which is working with others making clips and videos to continue to learn because it’s something I plan on doing later on in life.

I found that having the Twitter widget to be effective due to the readers of my blog being kept updated on my day to day tweets so it can be more personal where they could interact with me if needed to. What I found the lest useful was the text widgets because i really didn’t keep up with it to have a new state up for every time I posted a blog for my audience. What I could improve upon is the way my whole set up of the bog by adding more colors to make it more personal I know you can do that if you paid for a membership through word press but having it to make it a much more experience for my audience would be better in my opinion rather than having a bland website. I feel like this could be as a starting point in the point from my career so it helps me grow mas a content creator, as a film maker.

My most popular week was during October 10th through the 17th with 76 visitors and with about 1.78 views per visit. Square One was my most popular post of the year with 92 views I think it was viewed so due to how personal it was in my perspective when it comes to filmmaking. To me what was so surprising that people actually reading my post I’m just honored getting 10 views because the fact that people take the time out of their day to view my weekly blog is rewarding in my perspective which makes me feel good about my progression as i continue this journal. I mostly use Twitter as my main social media and Snapchat same goes for Instagram.

Twitter: aestheticlance

Snapchat: alphaa18

Instagram: aestheticlance


I hope y’all have a great time as I progress I will continue blogging to keep track of my progress. Make everyday count. Appreciate life’s greatest moments. Live in the moment, make memories that will last a lifetime and continue to grow because life is short to be wasting time on useless thing. “Make it Count” – Boss 

*drops mic*


In the process of making these blogs as a somewhat weekly journal I feel. I can see how I’ve change in the process when it comes to adapting new projects whether they’re big or small. I’ve been wanting to make this a goals for myself to create a biography on myself to tell my story but that’s tough to do because camera angles and what not but I’m not letting that stop me. What I’m trying to get across through this is my perspective on just life and its many obstacles and journey that life brings.

The true challenge is to make your point through short film. Because I feel like that views, mentions don’t mean anything unless you’ve truly inspired someone with your work and help them paved a way into your thinking. I feel like the best way to connect to your audience is to truly know the ones you’re targeting. Being relatable is also another key component to having your views being praised by others. By this point I know the track to be on but I hate how I am when it comes to choosing scenes and places to films these help draw the audience’s attention. I am a very indecisive person but I’m getting better by going with the flow with no second thought because in that case I’ll actually be getting work done.


In doing so, I don’t plan on leaving these blogs for I can see my progress as I grow to become a creator of projects short or big. As this being a required task for my course in college it has honestly has been on of my favorite things to do to interact with people in my field who just love creating for others many view their work. Lastly, FDOM is the best class you’ll learn from its such a great course and I wish we can meet more often but I’m just glad it makes my Mondays so much better. If, I had any advice for anyone just want to make videos. I say no matter what equipment, if you have the desire to create content that you enjoy then make it no matter what the obstacle. Also to those that somewhat read my blog posts I really appreciate you for taking time out of your day to read about my progress as I continue with my works and what not as a student. 



On to the Next

I find that when it comes to telling a more personal story there’s no like the filmmaker Casey Neistat that tells it best. I enjoy his style of keep everything at such a fluent paced due to his editing nothing makes you question the pauses and or breaks in his videos.

With already starting my next project I hope to learn from what I know and put in some influence from his short films. It provides much more than beautiful visual from insane heights but an adventure the story is taken by the lens of the camera.

But why would anyone want to be interested in a film about me? What makes me stand out from the crowd. With all the sources of films, tv shows and youtube videos I know how many of these content creators think by showing why they chose shots and imputed. Also, while being in college is a great experience to show others across through my content. I want to express the daily obstacles I face and how many others can relate while enjoying life for it’s greatest moments.

So, through my film I want to take the audience on a journey where it takes the emotions on a roller coaster while teaching them about life to learn to keep striving and be in moments while appreciating the little things. How would I do it? By scripting the key scenes to show the audience on the adventures I take at the university I’m currently attending.

By the way I dressed up as Casey Neistat for Halloween this year and it was totally dope, but no one hardly recognized my costume so they just called my “You Tube”

taken by Lucero 🙂


We keep on rolling 

As I finished my first little trailer I found that not everything turned out as I wanted it to be. I had this version of a story I wanted to tell but with the limited time and date I had to work with what I had. But I enjoyed and appreciate all the cooperation from my friends to make it happen.

What it taught me was that hearing people’s opinions about my work was whether good or bad was beneficial in my part to help me improve my work. Also, being my first project I do plan on work with more stuff obviously as I continue with my work I plan on push my limits when it comes to shots and editing. Lastly, have multiple perspectives in scenes to make it feel more alive compared to the usual one camera one shot scene and lighting is everything. 

In my next project I hope to tell a more personal story that tells about life and it’s ups and downs. In order to do that must dedicate my time to clearly express my vision about the short story. 

I feel like it’s important for me to keep continuing working no matter work of content I make as long as I keep learning and improving I will find a new purpose for creating short films as student. 


There are many places I pay respect to when it comes to creating content. For instance, No Film School, Indie Wire but the one that captures my attention is Film Independent. I enjoy how much more it is than just an average Film blog there’s stories behind the industry, upcoming projects within the area, but they also host a film festival open for anyone. What else I enjoy is the layout the colors pop out of the website and it makes its intriguing to the audience to read for any of their articles.
When it comes to websites like this I enjoy how many Independent groups collaborate together to get the stories that help improve other genres, for example documentaries about sports. I would want my website to become more than just me talking about my experience I want to be more involved with the entire spectrum. Currently my blog has been a steady rate but I need to be on top of my schedule, because I’m just a basic procrastinator. 

At the end of the day I’ll always look around for inspiration to improve my content whether that may through feedback or suggestions, even other works people have created. I’ll never stop learning from others as they help me become a better creater but as I take my little steps every day eventually I’ll make my mark somewhere. 


As my first assignment in class requires a edited video I knew it would be a great opportunity to show off what skill I have as of now. The scenes I shot so far nothing came off as difficult but what I came a issue was with the angles because I didn’t want something just simple. I wanted the action to be engaging and to actually keep the audience’s attention so by the end of the trailer their going to want to know more about how the actual story unfolds in full length. I love the collaborating with others especially since I’m working with my friends I’m glad they’re willing to participate in it as well. I enjoy getting on set feedback when it comes to techniques because I’m just getting little tidbits to make a better approach to just a simple shot. From what I shot I enjoyed shooting the action the chase scene was probably giving me those most trouble because of the fast paced running and me wanting to have a stabilized frame. 

Once that night finished I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of footage I got so I had to shoot some more short clips of the town for the landscape for the story. We’re still in early stages of production and I’m enjoying the process as we go along. I feel like once we start wrapping things up before the deadline I won’t have to do much reshoots at all, but anything may happen and I wanna show the best possible trailer I can make at this point and then just gradually improve in time. 

The trailer is supposed to be about a TV show investors and a general audience would tune into. My partner and I are trying to make a crime thriller in which supiscious occurances happen that somehow have a tie in. As you can tell I’m much more of a visual person than a storyteller but I try to give my best through what I see in such situations. Hopefully the organizationI joined could help me with feedback and what not.   

Square One 

As an inspiring filmmaker, my mind is always on movies and the creative process that goes into forging them. Due to my fascination, I’ve taken the necessary steps into learning a great deal of different creative styles and techniques used by cameramen to create a unique and stylized creative work. To aid me in my journey, I’ve recently joined a club comprised of aspiring filmmakers at my university and, coincidentally, everyone that has signed up wants to contribute and share their knowledge with one another and help other members with their ideas and concepts. The organization has an abundance of knowledge in the field, which I, for one, can appreciate. As eager as I am to begin my journey, I’m looking forward to the advice and potential collaborations that the organization has to offer. 

Being the vast creative field that art is, it’s difficult to find a starting point on a new project, due to the fact that I don’t know the process required to mold a film from its initial inception to a finished product. When it comes to film making, my biggest flaw is not being able to get the idea of what I should film independently. If, by some miracle, I have a bright idea, my mind is already set on the locations, shots, actors and dates. I need to do a better job of exploring more ideas and discovering new sources of inspiration. In an effort to help me in doing so, I’m hoping to gain beneficial knowledge at the filmmakers club at Texas State (University) that will be advantageous to my success in the future.…
Despite the occupation, everyone must find their breakthrough, regardless of how long it takes. We must all learn in our own way. Not needing any explanation, most people’s fear is failure, which is understandable. However, it’s okay to fail because doing so makes you stronger in the sense that you become more and more fearless and you are more willing to put your art in the public’s eye. In my constant success at failing, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to create a trailer for one of my courses. Being a collective creative project, ideas will be tossed around and we’ll be able to see the progress with our scenes and equipment. I hope to see an improvement in my camera skills throughout the duration of this project, all the while, witnessing the evolution of an idea into a piece of work I am fully satisfied with.


Films have always been a big influence in my life they’ve taught me more than anyone ever could. Being born as a millennial I’ve witnessed changes on how films are advertised, the way effects look, film styles are delivered and how they are distributed to the public in the mix of all that there’s one thing that still remains and that the influences that film brings to the movie watcher.

Now, I have this somewhat developed mindset where I look for movies that fit any of my points that actually make them worth noting as a remarkable film. That goes from it’s script, characters, the acting, the timing, sounds and visuals. I enjoy a variety of movies I don’t like to repeat the same formats others have done that’s what makes them unique.

In today’s society there’s filmmaking everywhere when post on Snapchat, upload to YouTube and make short films for festivals they’re all forms or stories and art you’re trying to get across your audience. So as I learn more about the mass media I’ll be influenced more to engaged the audience for the content I will be creating.


Fun Fact: My favorite movie director is Christopher Nolan also my favorite filmmaker is Casey Neistat and I enjoy the heck outta movie theater popcorn with a nice ice-cold Coca-Cola. This is not an Ad for Coke by the way. My Snapchat is alphaa18 by the way.

The start of something BIG.

My name is Aidan Gonzalez and I’m currently attending Texas State University. I enjoy eating a Patty Melt with no onions, being with my crew  and watching my favorite movies with people who know how to be quiet during a movie.

Why? Throughout my life, I’ve always been inspired by other works of art whether that’d be drawings, sculptures, music and films. I still question my purpose to what I can accomplish, but for a fact I know I want my works of art to inspire others so they can achieve more in life I want to be the reason for someone’s doing in a good sense obviously.

I hope this will help me find and choose a path that I know I will make a difference in the form of media art.

I’m mostly targeting audiences that enjoy talking about movies whether it’s the latest hit, the next upcoming thriller or an instant classic but also to how its evolved throughout time and it’s impact on society.


In the future, I hope to be in a few projects that help me when it comes to filmmaking by uploading short clips on YouTube but this is just the start of something BIG.